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CSM presentation for schoolars 2017
The computer system for monitoring (CSM) department was founded at the Computer Science and Technology Faculty in February 2003. It is related to the applied system analysis, information systems development and automated monitoring systems in the fields of ecology, climatology, environmental protection as well as regional social and economic development. A new research trend emerged simultaneously with the creation of the department. Doctor of technical science Professor G.V. Averin was elected as the head of the department. Professor Averin and the former members of the Applied Mathematics and Informatics department, associate professors N. Ye. Gubenko, A. Ye. Serik, V.N. Belovodskiy with two young postgraduate students A.S. Khoruzhenko and A.V. Zvyagintseva created new specialty "Computer ecological and economic Monitoring”(CEM) within the Faculty. In 2005 the master programme for the specialty of CEM was licensed and in 2006 accreditation of the master programme was carried out.
During 2005-2012 the department trained about 150 engineers and 60 M.S. in computes science. In 2006, the department created new specialty “Programming of media systems and computer design” (PCD) within academic major “computer science” where about 100 students study currently.
The instructors of the department have formulated their own concept of CEM and PCD specialists training. Now the CSM department teaches 160 students of the 1st – 4th years of CEM and PCD, in addition 17 specialists and 11 candidates for master's degree are being trained. The educational and scientific process is provided by 14 instructors, including 1 Doctor of Science, and 6 Candidates of Science (PhD).
Since the department establishment if runs PhD courses for 4 specialties: 05.13.06 "Information Technology", 05.13.05 "Computer systems and components", 01.05.02 "Mathematical modeling and computational methods," 21.06.01. "Environmental safety". At the moment, the department is preparing 3 PhD students and 3 applicants for a PhD degree. Over the past few years 2 candidates of science (PhD) were trained, and in 2012 former PhD students of the department submitted their thesis to the specialized Council for PhD thesis defence.
Research at the department began simultaneously with its creation. The research is carried out in the directions of development of information-analytical and monitoring systems, in the domain of environmental protection, meteorology and energy saving, the information systems for satellite data processing, creation of a scientific basis for a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact and strategic assessment of the social economic systems development, solving urgent problems of system analysis and general systems. During 2008-2012 the department carried out a scope of contactor research projects for 2.5 million UAH (about 313.000 USD).
The scientific achievements of the department during 2008-2012 are the following:
- The development of the regional Programmes of environmental monitoring of Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporozhje regions;
- Information-analytical system for environmental monitoring (OMOS);
- Information-analytical database "Ecologic passport of regions of Ukraine»;
- Urban automatic system for environmental monitoring of Donetsk (;
- A high-performance hybrid CPU-GPU computer cluster network. It consists of 8 cluster nodes, storage array with 32 TB and high-speed 1 Gb/s Internet channel;
- A platform for geodata storage and 3D visualization system of retrospective climatic and environmental data. For the international scientific community the system will allow to use a new research model and results exchange similar to wiki-technology but used in climatology, ecology and geodata analysis (;
- Automatic station of atmospheric air pollution control, integrated with the automated system to environmental monitoring (AKIAM system,;
- The National Ukrainian report "Information exchange: Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS)";
- The regional report on the state of environment for the 6-th Conference of Ministers for the Environment of the European countries;
- The National Ukrainian report "Pollutant Emissions Inventory and Air Quality Monitoring in Ukraine" (AIR-Q-GOV Report Supplement: MWH SA, La Hulpe, Belgium, 2012);
- The publication of the first three issues of the journal "System Analysis and Information Technology in Environmental and Social Sciences."
The department carries out scientific-technical cooperation with the US Civilian research and Development Foundation (CRDF), the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP/GRID-Arendal, “Environment and Security” Programme (ENVSEC), the European Environment Agency (EEA), the National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA), the United Nations Environment Programme (EMEP), the University of Minessota (USA), Taganrog Technological University (Russian Federation), Riga Technical University (Latvia), the MWH Global company (Belgium), International company ECM ECO Monitoring, Donetsk physics-technical University of NAS of Ukraine to name a few.
The slogan of the department is «Hominus, dum docent, discunt» (While teaching we learn). Therefore, our main goal is not only the training of specialists with high professional level, but also carrying out world level research as well as continuous improvement of the laboratory facilities of the department using the latest achievements of science and technology.
Currently, the CSM department steadily develops and actively trains engineers, masters and young instructors in the field of computer science.
Our students can do everything we can!

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